2017 Concrete Raising Testimonial


Thank you for fixing my driveway just in time for Spring! Before driving into my garage for the night I used to make sure sure I was going fast enough to clear this concrete lip. I no longer need to change my speed and can slowly roll into my garage. We love it! I smile every time I pull into the garage now.


2016 Piering Testimonial


It was about ten years ago that my basement walls started to move and leak. I called a local company to have the situation  taken care of. They came over and proceeded to install a system that was meant to bring the walls back into position and prevent cracking and leaking.

They did this by drilling through the walls and extending a rod out to the yard about eight to 13 feet from the house. It was supposed to be tightened to bring the wall back to the original place or close to it. It did move the walls ever so slightly, but return, cause more cracked in the walls. After repeated calls for the firm to come and fix the problems, the leaking did cease but the company asked me for $100 a year to guarantee their warranty. They worked on the East and South walls. Two years ago, the west and north walls began to leak and I called another local firm, because I lost all tryst in the first firm. They did the same procedure with the same results. Tighten the rods and get more cracking and more leaks.

After continued leaking for the better part of the last two years, I decided, after a $15,000.00 expenditure, to call and get the basement fixed correctly to end the leaking. A completive contactor mentioned your name and I called you. I had your firm mudjack my driveway a couple times, but I did not know you did basement work also. I accepted your bid in the winter of 2015 to do the work in the spring of 2016 and this past week, after two weeks, the job is complete! You excavated around the entire house, pushed back the walls, installed steel beams every four feet in the basement, filled all of the cracks inside and out and applied a sealer on the outside of the walls. I am confident that my basement is not sealed and should not leak.

I can only have words of praise for the men who performed the work. They were not only courteous, but very hard working and when they left, the outside of my home was landscaped and the property cleaned up. We are very appreciative of the excellent quality of work you performed and look forward to a “dry” basement in the future!

Again, Thank you



Menasha, Wisconsin

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2016 Concrete Raising Testimonial

Had an estimate appointment scheduled for today (Friday, May 27th) for 10 a.m. – Dave was here right on time. Was happy to see he was still working for you; he had given us another estimate a few years back. I had sent you an email complimenting him on his presentation; and am taking the time to send another email doing the same. He is excellent – very thorough, friendly, polite, punctual – we can’t say enough. He looked at our garage; pointed out exactly what was wrong; what Rasie-Rite would be doing to correct the problem.

We are very happy – with the pending repair and with the estimate. Thank you so much. Looking forward to doing business with your company and the crew once again. You have a Happy Memorial Day weekend…..

-Cindy & George