Additional Services

After you get your concrete raised, your foundation repaired or basement waterproofed, consider these additional services from RaiseRite!

RaiseRite Seam Sealing

Open cracks and joints are common in this area due to frost heave and/or extreme weather conditions. By sealing your concrete joints it prevents water and moisture from eroding the ground beneath.

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RaiseRite Crack Injection

Protect your investment and prevent further damage to your basement with any slight movement of the shifting foundation. Cracks in your homes foundation have the potential to allow water into your home, and once it has, it will continue to do so.

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RaiseRite Concrete Sealer

Penetrating, 100% active silane sealer that inhibits water and chloride ion penetration in concrete and masonry structures. RaiseRite Concrete sealer is a hydrophobic, impregnating sealer that helps prevent chloride-induced corrosion of rebar, scaling, spalling, freeze-thaw damage, and other causes of debilitating concrete.

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