Replacing Failed Drain Tile Systems

Replacing Drain Tile Systems with RaiseRite’s Waterproofing System

Walking down the stairs into the basement can be scary for some people, especially after a heavy rain! For many homes in Wisconsin, water intrusion is a major problem, even after having your basement waterproofed.  Baseboard systems, 4” perforated pipe, gravity systems are common interior drain tile repairs that claim to keep your basement dry. Baseboard systems, while very inexpensive, promote mold growth by allowing standing water behind the system and rely on caulking or adhesive to hold the product in place.  Perforated pipe has a low water intake rate and gravity systems come with clean outs.  Why would a waterproofing system come with clean outs? Because the drain tile will eventually clog and homeowners are responsible for flushing out the system with a hose to keep the system working. Both the perforated pipe and gravity systems have small openings where water can get into during heavy rains and snow melting.  With the rain and snow melt comes soil and debris to clog the system. Due to the types of soils in the area, mostly clay and sand, these waterproofing systems will eventually clog and become inoperable putting homeowners back at square one, with water getting into the basement after investing the time and money to fix the issue.

Perforated pipe clogged with clay


Removed gravity system clogged with debris


What should homeowners do when their previously installed waterproofing system clogs?  The answer is simple. Call RaiseRite! RaiseRite’s waterproofing system has the highest in flow rate of any drain tile system on the market.  Not only will it keep up with the heavy rains and quick snow melt, but it will never clog! The system is wrapped in a polypropylene filter blocking the finest of soils from ever entering the system.  The only thing getting into the drain tile is water! RaiseRite’s waterproofing system can handle 70% more water than other systems providing greater relief of hydrostatic pressure and captures water at the foundation’s weakest point – where the footing, the wall and the floor meet.

RaiseRite interior drain tile alongside footing


The RaiseRite waterproofing system is specially engineered to permit high water flow while preventing soil particles from entering the system. It is constructed of clog proof geotextile fabric bonded to a lattice core which allows 75% of open space for water.  The RaiseRite waterproofing system is a cost effective and a superior performing replacement to other waterproofing systems on the market.  Whether you have a clogged system that needs replacement or in need of a new waterproofing system, call RaiseRite!  We will keep your basement dry, guaranteed!