Boathouse on Lake Winnebago

RaiseRite was contacted by a homeowner looking to sell their home. They had an existing 33’ x 17’ boathouse on the lakefront property that was in need of foundation repair as the block walls were bowed in about 6 inches. Negative grading and freezing water are most likely the causes of damages to the boathouse. The boathouse block was shifted and cracked and almost past the point of repair. Due to state regulations the boathouse could not be replaced, it had to be repaired.

RaiseRite Foundation Pier Systems, Inc. met with the homeowner on site to inspect the boathouse and put together a plan of lasting repair. Three of the block walls were in need repair and following the proper guidelines for wall repair, the walls needed to be excavated and straightened and stabilized using 5” x 2” engineered steel restraints. The boathouse also needed to be sealed on the exterior and backfilled with ¾ clear stone and topsoil to complete the project. Due to the severity of the bowed walls, RaiseRite informed the homeowner that the walls would be straightened as best as possible but would try to get as close to level as possible.

Dangerous Bowed Walls on all sides


RaiseRite excavated the walls, one a time as not to disturb the other areas, which could create additional damage. Once one wall was excavated, the wall was straightened using a bracing system and hydraulic jacks to push the walls back as close to level as possible. After the walls were pushed back they were stabilized using 21 – 5” x 2” steel tubes spaced about 4 feet apart attached to the floor joists and bolted into the footings through the floor. Any gaps behind the steel tubing was filled with grout to provide equal pressure on the steel tubing to prevent any future movement of individual blocks. Once the walls were straightened and stabilized, the exterior was sealed with a specialized polyurethane foundation coating provided by HMI, the world leader in polyurethane foam manufacturing. After sealing the areas were backfilled with ¾ clear stone and layer of topsoil left pitched away from the boathouse. The customer was amazed at how far the walls moved back and pleased at how well of a job the RaiseRite crew performed in the repair of the boathouse. The home is now sold and the boathouse is repaired and comes with a 20 year warranty. Overall, a resounding success for RaiseRite Foundation Pier Systems, Inc.

Straightened and Stabilized Boathouse is safe to use again!