Milk House Poly Project

Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Poly-Video-1-Problem-SolutionThe floor of this Brownsville, Wisconsin farm milk house had cracked and settled. The settled floor was putting additional pressure on the bulk tank causing damage to very expensive equipment.  The milk house was washed down three times a day, causing the slab to settle more and more as the water washed our more soil under the slab. An additional challenge to this repair, was the heating system embedded within the concrete slab.

In conjunction with the local volunteer fire department, a infra red camera was used to mark where the in-floor heating tubes were located. After 15 minutes of the heated floor being turned on, the plumbing could be located and the holes drilled far enough from the tubing to avoid any damage.

Because holes could not be drilled directly under the bulk tank, polyurethane was the clear choice for this repair. Holes were drilled on either side of the tank. The polyurethane material traveled under the tank expanding to fill the voids and lifted the settled floor. The waterproof polyurethane material also created a barrier for any additional water, to avoid future settlement.