Tunnel Void Fill

Tunnel Void Fill Project


A company based out of Wisconsin had a tunnel that began to show signs of distress due to the heavy equipment traffic from above.  Due to the piping in the tunnel the company did not want the tunnel to collapse or put stress on the piping.


RaiseRite Concrete Lifting, Inc. was contacted by a general contractor working for the Wisconsin company to see if a solution to their needs could be met.  After a thorough on-site visit  it was determined that RaiseRite would be able to free spray HMI polyurethane foam to seal the tunnel and piping to prevent future distress and damage to the tunnel and it’s interior components.  Following all safety precautions and manufacturer protocols, RaiseRite successfully filled the tunnel with HMI 401 polyurethane providing both the general contractor and company a successful solution to their needs.


Certified technician of RaiseRite Concrete Lifting, Inc. spraying HMI polyurethane foam

Beginning of tunnel void fill to seal around piping with HMI polyurethane foam

HMI Foam has now filled about half of the tunnel by sprayed by RaiseRite Concrete Lifting, Inc.

RaiseRite has just about completed the project of void filling the tunnel with HMI polyurethane foam

Tunnel void fill completed by RaiseRite Concrete Lifting using HMI 401 polyurethane foam.


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