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Every year we help business owners get out of challenging situations when they find their buildings’ foundation has settled, causing their concrete floors to shift and crack. Uneven and broken concrete slabs, whether inside or outside of your building, can lead to major issues with equipment, transportation vehicles, and most importantly, your employees safety.

Concrete Raising :: Machine Stabilization

raiserite-concrete-raising-machine-stabilizationLarge machinery can settle from weight alone. More frequently, settling is caused by the vibrations made by the machinery, compacting the area supporting the weight of the machine.

There are different solutions to stabilizing this machinery that take into account vibration, and the quality of the soil. Piers can be driven into the load-bearing strata to achieve the support necessary to maintain the stability of the machinery.

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RaiseRite was so fast! I was very impressed on how just hours after they finished my garage floor I was able to park my car in the garage! How convenient. ~ Mary, Port Washington  

I have shifted and broken concrete slabs—what are my options?

If you have uneven, shifted, or broken concrete inside (or outside) of your building, you have two primary options:

Option 1: Raise & Repair Concrete

Raising and repairing your concrete slab is a worthwhile option to consider, as it requires little-to-no downtime for your operations.

If you have a failed concrete slab in your factory or warehouse, the power and flexibility of our polyurethane concrete raising allows us to access the failed slab, and often times re-level and stabilize the slab and the foundation below it, all in a matter of hours. Another benefit to concrete raising and stabilization is that you will be able to use the slab immediately after we’re done—no down time necessary!

Fix your concrete slab today and experience little-to-no downtime, keep your business running, and increase the safety of your workers.

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Option 2: Replace Concrete

Replacing your concrete slab is a viable option, and will ultimately remedy your situation; however, consider that concrete slab replacement will require you to potentially shut down your operations, resulting in backups and loss of business?

It’s true, replacing your concrete slabs will possibly require you to stop production, put your workers on break, and wait while the slabs get demo’d & removed, the foundation stabilized, and new concrete poured. Then, you wait for the new concrete to set before moving all your equipment back and recalibrate it.

The process of replacing your concrete could take days or weeks to complete, which in turn means lower productivity and potential loss of business.

Lunch & Learn for Engineers & Contractors

If you would like to learn more about foundation solutions using helical tiebacks, we offer a lunch and learn presentation program. We will educate you on the different applications of foundation piering over lunch. We also provide a technical manual available for the different types of piers we use for foundation stabilization & repair.