Commercial Case Studies

Tunnel Void Fill

Tunnel Void Fill Project Challenge A company based out of Wisconsin had a tunnel that began to show signs of distress due to the heavy equipment traffic from above.  Due to the piping in the tunnel the company did not want the tunnel to collapse or put stress on the piping. Solution RaiseRite Concrete Lifting, Inc. was contacted by a...

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Minard Hall collapse at North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

Part of a historic building, Minard Hall, on the North Dakota State campus collapsed. The Problem Amid an ongoing expansion project, a large section of the north side of the structure gave way during one evening leaving a gaping hole in the century-old building. The four-story, brick building had been undergoing an expansion project over several weeks. A construction crew...

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Milk House Poly Project

The floor of this Brownsville, Wisconsin farm milk house had cracked and settled. The settled floor was putting additional pressure on the bulk tank causing damage to very expensive equipment.  The milk house was washed down three times a day, causing the slab to settle more and more as the water washed our more soil under the slab. An additional...

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