Municipal / D.O.T. Services

Since 1974 we have been partnering with municipalities, D.O.T. and home owners to raise and repair their concrete. From simple projects such as sidewalk raising and repair, to the largest projects that require years of experience to get the job done right such as highway concrete leveling, we are experts in municipal concrete raising who approach each project professionally, reliably, and affordably.

For over 40 years we have worked with many municipalities throughout the Midwest, helping solve a wide variety of simple and complex projects, including city sidewalk projects, curb and gutter repair and grinding, roadway raising and repair, and highway repair.

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Bridge Approach

Fill, built up during bridge development, will settle and shift over time. We can help.Learn More

Roads, Streets and Highways

We repair roadways, streets and highways with minimal disruption.Learn More

Sidewalk Projects

If your sidewalks have been marked by the city, we can fix them affordably.Learn More

Curb & Gutter

When high spots are present, we can help repair your curbs and gutters.Learn More

Equipment & Materials

Whatever your project may be, we have the equipment and materials for the job.Learn More

Case Studies

For over 40 years we've been creating success stories all across Wisconsin.Learn More

Green Dot Special: City Sidewalk Projects for Home Owners

If your city has marked sidewalk, driveway or general concrete around your property, indicating that it needs to be fix or replaced, you are most likely going to be held responsible for either fixing the problem yourself, or being billed by the city to have someone else do it. Concrete raising is the solution, and will often cost less than half than replacing the slabs!

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