Residential Case Studies

Two Rivers Wisconsin Seawall Repair

The seawall was constructed with wooden sheeting. With the lake levels down for a few years, this wood dried out and when the levels returned had rotted. This allowed the material behind the wall to erode. As this material eroded, the grade that went up to the house which supported the deck, began to sag. Read More HERE

Pool Deck Repair in Appleton, Wisconsin:


A married couple from Appleton noticed their pool deck was sinking and unlevel. They called RaiseRite for a polyurethane concrete lifting quote, as they had stamped concrete and wanted the holes to be nearly invisible.


So glad we opted to call RaiseRite for our sinking pool deck! Much more affordable  than pool deck resurfacing. The crew was in and out in less than two hours and now our grand kids can play safely with no tripping on the concrete!

-Faylean, Appleton Wisconsin


A couple purchased a house July 2015 and on the home papers it merely noted “some seepage in Spring thaw”. This couple came home from a day running errands and the furnace was off. Spring in Wisconsin was cooler this year and the temps still dropped below freezing at night. And with two young kids they knew they had a problem. They opened their basement door to find 12 inches of standing water in their basement! The bottom of the furnace was submerged in water causing it to shut off. After manually pumping the basement dry so the furnace could continue to run they quickly called the experts at Raise-Rite Read More!


Ten years ago this customers basement walls started to move and leak. They called a local company to have the situation taken care of. They came over and proceeded to install a system that was meant to bring the walls back into position and prevent cracking and leaking. Read More Here!