Signs of Water Damage

Signs of water in your basement or crawl space can easily be overlooked and go unnoticed until a major problem arises. Often starting as smaller, undetected issues, by the time you realize there is a water issue it may have escalated into major structural problems for your home. If you are concerned that water leakage may be a problem, or would like to validate the safety of your basement or crawl space, get in touch with us today or give us a call at 1 (877) 407-2473.

How water gets inside your home

While there are a number of ways water can enter your basement or crawl space, there are two main causes we see on a day-to-day basis.

  • 1. Water leakage from surrounding soils

    Water leakage from the surrounding soils outside of your home can cause serious damage to your house and belongings stored in the basement. To determine if you have water leaking into your home, simply take a piece of tin foil or plastic, and tape it to your basement wall in an area where you believe the water is coming in. After a few days, remove the tin foil or plastic from the wall. If water is clinging to the tin foil or plastic, you have a water leakage problem.

  • 2. High internal humidity

    Both warm and cold air can “hold” water, however, warmer air can hold more water than cold air. The more water air holds, the higher the humidity of the air. If warm air holds half as much water as it can when its saturated, the humidity level is considered to be fifty percent (50% humidity).

    High internal humidity is due to warm air in your home with high water saturation. When the humid, warm air comes in contact with the cool walls of your basement or crawl space, the air will release the moisture, causing water to form on your walls and pipes. This collection of moisture can lead to larger issues such as rust, warping, musty odor, allergens, mold, and mildew throughout your home.

If you believe you have a water leakage problem, and have noticed signs of water damage, you should call a professional to inspect the issue immediately: 1-877-407-2473

If you have signs of water damage in your home, don’t wait to take care of it.

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