RaiseRite Seam Sealing

RaiseRite Seam Sealing

Open cracks and joints are common in this area due to frost heave and/or extreme weather conditions. By sealing your concrete joints it prevents water and moisture from eroding the ground beneath

Top Reasons to Seal Your Concrete…

• Water infiltration- Can lead to heaving and breakage in concrete and asphalt
• Insect infestation-Insects love to make their home in nice moist little cracks!
• Weed growth- Plants are amazingly strong, plenty strong enough to break up
asphalt and concrete!
• Activates your concrete lifting warranty! There is no warranty on seam sealing, however, if you have your concrete lifted and then seam sealed, this activates RaiseRite’s warranty for concrete lifting and therefore protects the concrete lift we have done.

About Seam Sealing

RaiseRite uses 1 component self leveling sealant, will resist aging and weathering.