Commercial Foundation Repair

raiserite-commercial-foundation-repair-solutionsWhether you have a factory, warehouse, or multi-story apartment complex, when you have a foundation issue, you need an expert. For over 40 years, we have been helping commercial building owners solve their structural problems with foundation repair services that include the engineering and installation of helical and resistance piers.

Foundation piering is the most cost-effective alternative to conventional pile-driven foundation restoration methods. When properly installed, piers can stabilize a building that is slowly sliding down a hill, prevent it from sinking into unstable soil, reinforce its foundations, or straighten the foundation walls that are bowing or tilting.

For general foundation stabilization needs, we use two types of piers to stabilize and repair foundations: resistance piers and helical piers.

Deep Foundation / High Capacity Solutions

ChanceLogo2As a Certified Chance Installer, for deep foundation solutions, we can stabilize higher load capacities with the patented Helical Pulldown Micropile® Technology, allowing us to overcome many of the obstacles found in traditional foundation stabilization methods.

Helical Pulldown Micropile® systems are used to construct a grout column around the shaft of the standard helical pier system, allowing for greater stabilization of your piers through deep layers of ground. Benefits of a system like this include resistance to buckling in weak surface soilsstiffer piles which deflect less at a particular loadand additional corrosion protection in aggressive soils.

Lunch & Learn for Engineers & Contractors

If you would like to learn more about foundation solutions using helical tiebacks, we offer a lunch and learn presentation program. We will educate you on the different applications of foundation piering over lunch. We also provide a technical manual available for the different types of piers we use for foundation stabilization & repair.

If you are a commercial building owner, engineer or general contractor and need expert advice on foundation stabilization solutions…

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