Municipal / D.O.T. Case Studies

I-294, Chicago, Illinois

Challenge Various areas of a 42 mile stretch along I-294 had experienced settlement, leading to dips and bumps that posed safety challenges for drivers. The project had to be completed during the night, due to the high traffic volumes of the tollway and the inability to restrict the steady traffic flow. The project, due to its size, needed to be completed...

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Project I-94 - Milwaukee

Problem RaiseRite was called by a roadway contractor, who informed us that concrete roadway panels beneath the asphalt paving on I-94 in Milwaukee had voids and was rocking back and forth, as trucks would drive over the road. The roadway contractor needed to stabilize the area within 36 hours. Solution RaiseRite provided a quote to the roadway contractor. The quote...

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Bridge Approach Mudjacking Project

This project was located on the 151 Bypass in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The construction of a bridge overpass involved mounding up fill to create a ramp that leads to the bridge. As traffic passes on this bridge, the vibration of the traffic caused the fill to settle. Even though rebar was installed to hold the deck level with the...

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