Bridge Approach & Applications


When bridges are built, fill is brought in to build the approach on both sides. Due to the basic construction of a bridge approach, it is common for the fill that is used in the approach to settle and shift. This settlement causes the concrete slabs placed on top of it to become uneven, creating a potentially hazardous surface. To fill and provide ongoing stability under the voids, we use either polyurethane foam concrete raising, or mudjacking concrete raising methods.

Concrete raising methods for repairing bridge approaches

Polyurethane Concrete Raising for Bridge Approach Repair

Polyurethane concrete raising is the best method to level and repair your sunken or shifted concrete. A clean product, our polyurethane foam for concrete raising is the “greenest” on the market, made with over 40% recycled materials.

Mudjacking/Slabjacking Concrete Raising for Bridge Approach Repair

Mudjacking, also referred to as “slabjacking”, is a more cost-effective approach to concrete raising. While mudjacking results in larger drill holes within the concrete slabs, it’s an effective, tried-and-true method for long-lasting concrete leveling and repair.


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