Concrete Leveling Roads, Streets and Highways


Uneven roads, streets and highways can be hazardous to pedestrians and drivers. Replacing the piece of road that is sunken is an expensive solution, and repairing the issue by filling the sunken space will only lead to further issues in the not-too-far off future.

Benefits to leveling and repairing roads, streets and highways

Leveling the sunken concrete, filling the voids and stabilizing the slab, is the most cost and time effective, as well as the longest lasting solution. When a road or highway is sunken and uneven, raising and repairing the concrete can be done with minimal disruption. Due to the properties of our concrete raising polyurethane foam, traffic can return to normal immediately after the project is completed.

Trusted by contractors and D.O.T.

For over 40 years we have been a trusted partner of contractors and D.O.T., delivering reliable, affordable concrete raising services with state contracts for concrete raising projects of all sizes. Our polyurethane concrete raising solutions are the preferred choice for raising large sections of highway, especially for projects that require advanced, high density concrete raising solutions. It meets and exceeds specifications commonly required for large D.O.T. projects.

If you are a contractor or D.O.T. representative and are looking for a reliable and affordable concrete raising expert for road, and highway leveling and repair…

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