City Sidewalk Projects - Leveling & Repair

raiserite-concrete-raising-sidewalk-repair-projects Many municipalities mark vertical sidewalk displacements for residents to repair. Our involvement in repair of these issues can vary throughout the process. When the customer has been notified the repairs are necessary, we will then follow-up with them to offer a free mudjacking/slabjacking estimate. If they choose not to make the repair, we will then work directly with the city to complete the mudjacking/slabjacking project.

Why should you choose RaiseRite for your sidewalk repair projects?

Mudjacking/slabjacking is a cost-effective method that will save you and your residents the money, time, and hassle involved in concrete slab replacement. Our municipal clients recognize the need to reduce ‘trip-and-fall liabilities’ and contract with us to prevent those future liability issues.


Cities typically require that the property owner repair sidewalk vertical displacments that exceed 1/2 inch.

These cracked city walk sections can be repaired with mudjacking/slabjacking concrete raising to eliminate the trip hazard.

After mudjacking/slabjacking concrete raising has been completed, the hazard will have been removed and the sidewalk is ready for use.

If you need help executing your City Sidewalk Project quickly and efficiently with mudjacking/slabjacking, don’t settle for less than the best.

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