Seal, Protect, Coat!

RaiseRite Floor Coatings

RaiseRite Floor Coating is a rapid curing, environmentally-friendly coating system designed
as a decorative yet durable coating for interior floors. Our floor coatings have excellent durability and aesthetics
for garage floors, laboratories, restaurant floors, airplane hangars, and entry/lobby areas. This floor coating
creates a durable, seamless lining.

Benefits of RaiseRite Floor Coatings

Fast Curing Time

No Color Fade


Low Odor

Applications: ALL Interior Floors- Garage Floors, Basement Floors, Restaurant Floors, Lobbys and Much More!


Give Your Concrete Floors the REFRESH it deserves!

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Garage Floor Transformation


RaiseRite offers it all! After you get your concrete raised.. SEAL, PROTECT or COAT it!