Foundation Crack Repair

foundation-crack-repair-wisconsinSuch is true with your home and its foundation. Cracks in your home foundation can lead to serious structural problems, including water leakage which causes damp or flooded basements, requiring additional steps to be taken for waterproofing your home. There are many masonry patching products on the market, and while many foundation repair contractors will use these products, they won’t provide you the long-lasting protection you need to fully seal the cracks.

Why are there cracks in my basement?

There are 3 types of cracks that can occur in your basement:

1. The soil around your home expands when it becomes wet. Therefore, the soil pushes against your walls causing it to crack or push inward. In this case, you will often see a horizontal foundation crack.

2. A stair-step crack can be a result of a bowing wall or settling foundation. This can occur because of soil pressure pressing against your foundation or unstable soil beneath it.

3. Vertical cracks can be the result of foundation settlement or tilted poured walls.

  • The surrounding soil can’t support the weight of your home.
  • You may have improper footing dimensions. When building your home, the weight may not have been factored in for the soil type on your lot.
  • Changes in temperature and moisture can cause the soil around your home to expand and contract, adding pressure around and under your foundation. This is also called an “Active Zone”.

Do you have cracks in your basement? Don’t wait for the problem to get worse!

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At RaiseRite, we’ve been helping thousands of home owners fix cracks in their home foundation walls for over 40 years, and while the technology and products have changed over time, our commitment to high quality workmanship and going the extra mile to deliver you exemplary customer service has not.

High Quality Foundation Crack Repair

When we help our customers repair their foundation cracks, we use an innovative carbon fiber product that is specifically manufactured to provide structural reinforcement of concrete and block cement walls.


Our special carbon fiber foundation crack repair product…

  • means easy installation: with our carbon fiber foundation crack repair product, installation is easy and we do not require the need to use noisy or heavy equipment to fix the cracks in your foundation
  • requires no maintenance: since carbon fiber never corrodes, no maintenance is required to keep it working for you
  • will last: coupled with exclusive high-strength HMI polyurethane foam to fill and seal all cracks and voids, our carbon fiber foundation crack repair product is stronger than steel, and eliminates the forces producing the cracks, which prevents future damage

Owning a home for over 50 years, one will need help and service of many people in the repair business. We have never in all this time, had any company do a better job than the people we worked with in your company. The workmen were very professional and clean. The work was done quickly with minimum of disruptions to our property. Most importantly, they left the yard and our home much cleaner than we expected. It was a job well done. Thank You RaiseRite! ~ Green Bay, WI

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